Designated as Black History month, February is the time when we spotlight the rich and diverse history of Americans of African descent.

You, your company, and other organizations you’re involved in, can learn about and honor contributions African Americans have made to our country, and the world.  Here are several ideas to consider:

· Read about the lives of famous black people, including Philadelphians like Marion Anderson, Crystal Bird Fauset, Jack Jones, Alain Locke or Elenora Harris aka Billie Holiday.

· Watch a movie like Roots, Selma, or The Tuskegee Airmen with friends or colleagues and have a discussion following the viewing.

· Do some research and pull together a list of African Americans who have influenced your industry or played a key role in your company’s history.  Share it with colleagues.

· Visit the African American Museum.  See the Museum of Art’s exhibition titled “Represent: 200 Years of African American Art.”

Expand your awareness of the history of African Americans.

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