“Your attitude will determine your altitude.”  Famous words of the late, great trainer Zig Ziglar.  They ring true, no matter where you are in the organizational hierarchy.  From part-timer, to entry level to CEO, it matters how you show up.

In many cases, attitude is more important than intellect or education.  If it comes down to a choice between two equally qualified candidates, the odds of success are better for the person with a constructive mindset.  

A negative posture, often times, comes from a subconscious place of pain, a sense of inadequacy or a lack of awareness.  It is a passive aggressive way to exert power over others.  Yet, in reality, it does just the opposite.  

Remember, your attitude is a habit – a well-rehearsed disposition.  Having an optimistic attitude means you’ve chosen to look beyond the world’s imperfections and focus on the positive.  The more you do so, the better you feel and the easier the climb to new altitudes.