The higher you move up, the bigger your impact on larger numbers of people, significant business processes and, very likely, a higher percentage of the company’s bottom line. Your world becomes more complex, filled with responsibility. Yet, the transition from one rung to the next may leave you feeling overwhelmed and stressed.

If that’s so, it may mean you’re doing too much – alone. You haven’t identified and involved the right players. The people who report to you? Absolutely. And, there are others who also have an important stake in the game – those who will be directly or indirectly affected by your work.

Determine which parts of the business you need to involve to get the job done. Then figure out which groups and individuals are connected to those parts of the system. Then work together to craft a mutually agreeable plan to move your important project forward.   Oh, and, don’t be afraid to revisit that plan when inevitable change comes your way.