Change and Continual Learning Are Essential To Growth

Whether you’re the CEO, a middle manager, administrative assistant, or the security guard, continual learning and growth are key to your success. You need look no further than your cellphone or computer to see how rapidly technology is changing the way things get done. Today, keeping up is not just about being trendy. It’s the reality that governs just about every aspect of our lives – especially work.

All employees and their jobs are impacted rapid change and market forces that are often unpredictable and uncontrollable.  To navigate what may feel like constant turmoil, you need the right mindset – one that honors uncertainty, continuous learning and growth as the new normal. A mindset that recognizes that change is natural, even though it may have seemed that in the past, stability reigned supreme.

You can no longer rely on fixed ideas and ways of doing things while the world around you swiftly evolves. If, like many people, your reaction to change is fear-driven anxiety, take the time to understand the r

easons for the new way of doing things. Talk it over with someone you trust to get you unstuck and moving toward success.  Consider seeking out a younger person – a reverse mentor – who can clue you in to emerging technologies.

It’s time to stop pining away for the old days and get comfortable with the new processes in your company and in your personal life.  You can keep pace with change by accepting continual learning and growth.


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