Sales Superstars Don’t Necessarily Make Good Leaders

If you’re a senior executive don’t be swayed by star performers who aren’t team players. Stop being overly inclusive as a means of avoiding conflict. And, be honest when a team member’s performance no longer makes the grade.

A recent article by McKinsey & Company says the talent of the team at the top isn’t always enough to make up for dysfunctional team dynamics.

McKinsey offers the following four questions to help you assess the complimentary skills and attitudes needed to build your high-performing team.

  • Do team members recognize improvement opportunities?
  • Do they feel accountable for the entire company’s success – not just their own business area?
  • Do they have what it takes to persevere when things get tough?
  • Are they good role models?

The soft skills these four questions address can help you identify the right players for your team. Doing so will help advance your company’s agenda.