As more and more companies allow employees to work remotely, chances are you may have the opportunity to do so. recommends asking yourself three questions before you say, “Yes.”

  • Why do you want to work from home? Do you want to work in your pajamas and conduct business from bed? If so, you’re not be a good candidate for a remote position. To be successful, says you should be professional every day, in every way. Get up, get dressed and show up as you would for any office job.
  • Can you concentrate while working at home? Will you be able to stay focused in spite of distractions like kids playing downstairs or a delivery person ringing the doorbell? If you’re not sure, consider a trial period or a work-at-home project to find out.
  • Do you have a good spot in which to work – a dedicated space with a door, if you take calls. Coffee shops and co-working spaces are also options for some.