Often, we unwittingly sell ourselves short.

We underestimate our ability to overcome challenges and achieve the extra-ordinary.   My book, LIES That Limit, explores this very real aspect of human nature through the lens of the Labels, Illusions, Excuses and Stories – the LIES we carry in our heads. These LIES were likely put there by well-meaning influencers like parents, teachers, friends, relatives, etc. who were trying to keep us safe from harm, or to guard against hurtful disappointment. Today, we know that confronting those LIES is the only way we grow and become the people we’re capable of being.

Recently, while playing golf, I was reminded of the importance of letting go of limiting beliefs, aka LIES. It was the 14th hole, which dog-legged left. Blocked by hills and tall grasses, the green was invisible. Standing on the tee box, I had two options – the safe, longer route, or the riskier, shorter route over the hazard, which would place my ball within pitching range of the green, if I hit a really good drive.

A member of our foursome saw my hesitation. He called out, “It’s a tough shot, but you’ve got it. You’ve already hit longer drives today.” With that, I exhaled, stepped to my ball, took aim and watched it sail over the hazard.  Sure enough, it landed just yards from the green. That was a lesson for me.

Like me, you’ve got it in you to achieve more than you think. Sometimes it just takes being reminded of your potential. That reminder can come from within, or from a personal cheerleader who sees in you what you can’t see through the web of LIES that have built up in your mind. Push past your fears. Reach for the extra-ordinary. The real risk in life is in NOT stepping up and going for your goal. Go for it. You can do it. You’re worth it.