Today, many people who are 65, and over, are still in the workforce, avid volunteers, or otherwise very involved in life. Yet, many traditional measures of age categorize them as old.

Researchers at IIASA say, “If you don’t consider people old just because they reached age 65, but instead take into account how long they have left to live, then the faster the increase in life expectancy, the less aging is actually going on…What we think of as old has changed over time, and it will need to continue changing…as people live longer, healthier lives…Someone who is 60 years old today…is middle aged.”

If you’re 60, 65 years, or older, ignore traditional definitions of age. If you’re feeling youthful and vital, be as young as you feel. Chase your dreams and make them happen. Challenge your age-based assumptions and practices. Be part of the cohort that redefines age.

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