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You’ve probably heard the news about an interim report issued by Acting Inspector General Richard Griffin on the systemic problems in the Veteran’s Affairs agency.  The report intensified scrutiny and resulted in expansion of the number of VA facilities to be reviewed.

As a leader, consider allowing this situation to stimulate a deeper, broader look inward at your own organization.  Ask questions like:

  • In what ways are we inadvertently setting up a similar scenario or set of risks?
  • At all levels, do we make performance expectations explicit and measurable?  Do they encourage stretch and improvement?  Do we provide timely, honest, balanced performance feedback?
  • Do we engage in the difficult, uncomfortable conversations about productivity and accountability – for individuals and teams?  Or do we let some people and groups slide?
  • Are we actively addressing the big, hairy cultural issues that threaten our growth, long-term viability, customer satisfaction and employee engagement?

The VA is not alone when it comes to the need for leadership to step forward and take bold action in service to long-term organizational health and vitality.  An objective assessment of culture and business practices could prove beneficial for your business, too.

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