To create an agile company, you certainly need the right mindsets, skills, tools, processes.  But, above all, you need managers who are aligned with business goals and create a culture of engagement.  Yet, the Gallup Analytics team, which recently released highlights from data gathered throughout 2018, say that sixty-seven percent of employees say they are burned out at work.  They’re not aligned and engaged. 

With the gig economy on the rise, managers will have to do even more to create a workplace wherein employees feel included and engaged, a place where relationships are marked by mutual respect, if they want to keep and grow good talent.  

If you’re wondering what’s needed to create the right kind of culture in your workplace, ask the people who work for you.  Ask them what it would take for them to feel more included, aligned and engaged.  Listen closely as they share their truth.  Then, collaborate on a plan for improvement.