In a recent interview, Dr. Hossein Rahnama, a CEO and associate professor, says there are things he has learned while teaching that have informed his approach to leadership.  Here are three of the lessons he believes leaders can learn from professors.

  • Ditch the “sit and listen” lecture model.  It’s not effective and employees would be better served by a “try and see” model that encourages teamwork and creative thinking.  
  • Don’t pigeon-hole potential.  Rather than judge people on past performance, implement interdisciplinary learning frameworks that open up endless possibilities for each employee.  Rahnama says there is genius in everyone.  A leader’s job is to identify each person’s unique excellence and nourish it.
  • Give others the freedom to grow.  Step out of the spotlight and let the team shine.  Take a “you’re in charge, but I’m here if you need me,” approach to leadership to empower the next generation.