Is Your Young Staff Turning Off Your Valued Clients?

Recently a client told me that they removed the furniture from their reception area because a group of young external consultants were using it as if they were in their living room. Lounging on the sofas with laptops in hand. Working with their feet on the coffee tables. Displaying a lack of professionalism that offended the Baby Boomer leader.

We’re in a period where Millennial and Baby Boomer cultures are colliding, adding new dimensions to how the generations interact. If you’re a consultant, work from home or in a relaxed, informal environment, it’s easy to adopt body language and behaviors that might not sit well with more traditional, external clients.

At work, respectful behavior is never passé. Professional body language, when in the company of people who care about that, is appropriate. It may determine if your company keeps a client or benefits from referrals to new ones.