As the proliferation of automation and AI grows, and our lifespans increase, McKinsey and Company says, companies must look for new ways to keep employees current and engaged.  Episodic, classroom training is becoming obsolete and more attention needs to be placed on how to best prepare the workforces for life-long employability.

This means rethinking what we thought we knew about learning.

  • Instead of day-long trainings, present new information in short fifteen to thirty minute bursts – which are more effective than longer sessions.
  • Train for a specific role at an identifiable career point.
  • Consider group training sessions that use relationships to improve learning by stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system. 
  • Customize training and measure outcomes.  
  • Use big data to do more than track your customers.  Use it to understand what your team knows and what they need to know to be successful.