Is there a person on your team you KNOW you can rely on to get things done promptly and correctly?  When you delegate to her, without question, you’re certain the task will be handled.  No need to give it a second thought, just wait for the perfect end product to land on your desk or in your Inbox.

If you have a person or two like this on your team, it’s possible they may be suffering from overuse.  Their workload could feel burdensome, and that can result in burnout.  While some employees like being the boss’s go-to-person, others might say no good deed goes unpunished.  In this case, the punishment for doing a good job is more work.

Look at it this way:  if you have only one or two team members on whom you can rely, you’ve fallen short as a manager and leader.  You’re not nurturing and developing your whole team.  Good talent that could be great lies fallow.  Remember, strengthening employees’ skills and expanding their capability is your job.

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