For weeks, Kathy, John’s direct report, worked on the presentation for the new product launch. “At every regional meeting, she nailed it,” he said, proudly. Next week, I take it to senior management.” “Why are you taking it,” I asked? “Why not Kathy?”

“Oh, they can be a tough group with their probes, challenges and tests. I wouldn’t want to set her up to fail,” he said. “Then, set her up to succeed,” I suggested. “Help her tailor the content to the audience. Conduct a couple of practice sessions to refine delivery. And, coach her on how to respond to the questions and challenges they’re likely to pose.”

Like John, perhaps it’s time for you to step back and get behind your team. Allow them to present the projects on which they’ve worked. Such opportunities are a tremendous way to showcase talent and strengthen the presenter’s competence and confidence.

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