6 Ways Reveal Team Dynamics Might Be Holding You Back

Mindtools.com says leaders and team members can both contribute to team dysfunction. Good group dynamics are critical to a team’s success, but if yours suffers from any of these 6 issues, you’ve got work to do.

  • Weak leadership. This gives way to the more dominant team member taking over, and leads to infighting and focus on the wrong priorities.
  • Extreme deference to authority. When team members hold back their own opinions in order agree with the leader.
  • Blocking. When someone’s critical, aggressive or boastful behavior disrupts the flow of information.
  • Group think. When consensus is valued more than making the right decision.
  • Free riding. A term for those who may work hard on their own, but rarely contribute to the group.
  • And, finally, evaluation apprehension. That’s when some group members go silent because they feel harshly criticized by others on the team.

For a tips on how your can improve your team’s group dynamics, visit Mindtools.com.

How to Improve Team Dynamics