A CareerBuilders survey says 71% of employer’s value emotional intelligence, or EQ, over IQ.  Many employers believe people can be taught “hard,” or technical skillls more readily than EQ, the required softer, human relations skills.

I agree with their assessment.  For more than 30 years as a speaker, leadership development expert and executive coach, in most situations in which I’ve been involved, what leads to poor performance, job dissatisfaction, ineffective leadership, expensive turnover and a lack of promote-ability is the “stuff” on the softer side of the excellence equation.

For enhanced excellence, strengthen your emotional intelligence.  Begin by becoming more self-aware.  Do so by paying attention to your feelings.  Silently notice and name the emotion you’re experiencing.  Consciously decide if it’s a feeling you want to act on or contain.  This alone can help you close the gap between your intent and impact.

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