Developing your reports, and mentoring others, is a big, critically important part of every manager’s job. Yet, some do work their reports could do. They solve problems others could handle with coaching.

When an employee comes and describes a challenge he or she is having with a task, process or relationship, particularly if it’s the same challenge, time and again, don’t take it over and complete it. While doing so may feel easier and simpler in the moment, I guarantee you frustration will set in when the same person comes for help with the same issue, time and again. In fact, you might even begin to think the employee is the problem. Maybe the person is a problem performer, but you are, too.

You can’t do another’s work and expect him to learn. Show him how by talking him through the issue while he performs each step. Don’t jump in and do it. Be the manager. Teach and develop others.

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