During the 2015 Wimbledon finals, I saw an interview with Serena Williams, at this point in her career, the holder of an historic 21 grand slam titles. Her record is amazing. Only one person, Steffi Graf, has more. Steffi ended her stellar career with 22.

Serena lives in rarified air. Literally, she’s at the top of her game. No one in women’s tennis, today, has a record that even comes close to competing with hers. Yet, during that interview, she said she “has nerves” before every match. She went on to say that if she didn’t feel that way it may be because it doesn’t mean that much to her anymore.

Take a lesson from Serena: have your nerves – the kind of nervous energy that’s fueled by adrenaline, sparked by passion and driven by a deep desire to be and do your best. Have your nerves and have the nerve to go for your goals.

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