I like listening to athletes’ stories about how they came to love and learn their sport, who they wanted to be like or compete against, their earliest dreams and visions for their career.

Recently, I heard such an interview featuring Garbine Muguruza, professional tennis player and Serena Williams’ opponent in this year’s Wimbledon finals. She said, from a youngster, she dreamt of playing at Wimbledon, in the finals. More amazingly, she dreamt Serena Williams would be her opponent. And, so it was on July 11, 2015. That day, Garbine Muguruza’s dream came true. What she wanted, imagined, visualized, dreamed of and diligently worked for became her reality.

Search your life for dreams you’ve made come true – a dream job, home, car, relationship, vacation and other experiences. Now, imagine what’s next. Begin visualizing it and doing the work required to live your new dreams.

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