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To be happy and feel fulfilled, we have to Master our life. To achieve that goal, we have to dis-identify with limiting beliefs – I call them LIES.  LIES are Labels, Illusions, Excuses and Stories that dash our hopes and dreams and diminish our potential for excellence.

Instead of living LIES, make self-mastery – your ability and willingness to control your thoughts, feelings and actions – a key success strategy.  You’ll find yourself making decisions that have long-term positive impact on your wellbeing, and that of those around you.  More and more, you’ll discover your own inner wisdom, nobility, kindness, and creativity. Your actions will serve you AND work in the best interest of all concerned.

The next step on your self-mastery journey is simply your mindful commitment to be a keen observer and manager of your thoughts, emotions and behavior.

For more, read LIES That Limit.

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