Bonnie St. John

Have you ever juiced?  Have you bought the machine and allowed it to gather dust, or promised yourself over the weekend, on Monday you’re going to start this healthy new habit?   Beyond an occasional carrot, blueberry or pomegranate juice purchased at the supermarket, I had not juiced.  At least not until my friend Bonnie St. John visited recently.

When I asked my usual question of overnight guests, “Any food preferences or allergies,” Bonnie told me she had been eating lightly and wanted to maintain her pattern.  That worked for my husband Bill and me, too.

I asked her what her new pattern involved.  She said, “Juicing.  I make a fresh green juice to drink every morning.”

“Interesting,” I thought.

She followed up with, “Do you have any fresh spinach on hand?”

“Not a problem, I replied.”

My friend Kim and her daughter, Kamryn – the subject of the very first story in LIES That Limit – were visiting for the weekend too.  Kim and Kamryn volunteered to shop for spinach.  They returned with a number of goodies, and three bags of baby spinach in advance of Bonnie’s arrival.

By the way, Bonnie’s new book, co-written with her teenage daughter, Darcy, is called How Great Women Lead and it’s scheduled for release in April.  It’s available now on Amazon for preorder.

Back to the point:  Bonnie came bearing gifts:  her bright and shining spirit, a beautiful bouquet of flowers and three bags of spinach.  Are you doing the math?  I now have six bags of spinach!

We shared an evening of laughter, a tasty meal, a nice bottle of wine and entertained each other with stories about our current passions.  When morning came, Kamryn, Kim and I decided to join Bonnie in her ritual. Between the 4 of us, we used less than half a bag of spinach for our green juice drinks.

Left with five and a half bags of spinach, I thought, “What the heck.”  I love cooking, so why not add a new dimension to my repertoire.  I decided to experiment with juicing.

Over the last week and a half, I’ve had a ball.  Everything I make has spinach as a base ingredient.  I must use those five and a half bags.  You know, waste not, want not.  To the spinach I add another base ingredient, my Isagenix IsaLean Vanilla shake.  You can learn about that delicious, healthful food at  Then, for fun and flavor I add any, or all, of the following:  a Clementine or two, apple, banana, pineapple, and, often, fresh ginger root.  Talk about tasty!

After just ten days, my system feels cleaner, clearer, lighter.  That sluggish, heavy belly feeling is gone.  Goodbye.  Good riddance.

Before I knew it, I was out of of spinach.  I’ll definitely be buying more on my next trip to the supermarket.  I like the way my spinach-Vanilla IsaLean green shake tastes and I love the way I feel.  It has boosted my stamina tremendously.  I’m energized, not just after my morning coffee, but all day long.  This is good!  I wanted to share the good news with you.  The green-Vanilla IsaLean morning shake is working for me!

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