We all have greater creative capacity than we realize. What stands in our way? Limiting beliefs. They block our willingness and ability to connect with what lies within.

Your busy, demanding life leaves little to no space and time for you to connect with your core and creativity. Buried by the details of your physical and emotional struggle to survive, you make logical plans, put forth tremendous effort and drive to conquer your calendar, deadlines and to do list.

In spite of the level of anxiety and exhaustion this way of life produces, let alone its emotional and spiritually numbing effects, you defend your commitment to over-functioning. You’re practiced at resisting intuition; skilled at ignoring the call and leading of Spirit – the energy that animates and inspires you. Every once in a while, a trickle of this incredible energy flows through and you LOVE how amazing you feel. Mostly though, you divert and dam up the flow of creativity. You have much more wisdom and brilliance available than you allow yourself to tap into.

There is a simple 3-step process that I have used for years, and have shared with a number of my clients. It’s practical and powerful, and can readily help you access your inner self – your creative core. It worked for me, and my clients, and can help you, too. I call it the 3 Cs to Creativity.

  1. Clear:  Move your body and breath deeply to clear out the places in your body where your energy feels stuck, stiff, tight or achy. Yoga, simple stretches or walking are a good ways to move and shift stagnant energy.
  2. Connect:  Sit quietly and breathe. Focus on your breath and its movement. Breathe in through your nostrils and out through your mouth. Think, “Relax and let go.” Let whatever wants to come up and out, rise to the surface. It may be something or nothing, chatter or silence, words or images, darkness or colors. Be with whatever comes up.
  3. Capture:  Have a journal and pen handy. The LIES That Limit Journal LINK to Store would certainly work well. Capture whatever comes up…words, phrases, images, colors, sensations, thoughts. Write down whatever you “hear, think or feel.” Don’t sensor or limit any of it. Put it all down on paper.

Spend 5 to 10 or 15 to 20 minutes each day practicing this process and watch what happens in your life. You will, within a short period of time, have greater access to your creative capacity. You’ll begin to notice that your awareness of gifts and talents sharpens; brilliant ideas about how to use your talents will come to you; you’ll feel more in touch with your inner self; and you’ll discover new, real solutions to old, unresolved problems. Your life will never be the same again.

You are more inspired, imaginative, inventive and powerful than you allow yourself to know and utilize. Every word you speak, every thought you think, every feeling you have creates. Whatever you’re experiencing now – mentally, emotionally, materially – you have created. You are naturally, absolutely, creative.

To learn more about how to access your creative core, be sure to tune in tonight, 7pm, as I share this simple and practical process – Clear, Connect, Capture – on the “Your Fantastic Life” series. Click here to register for FREE. You can also listen to it through 7pm on Wednesday (3/7) or purchase the entire Your Fantastic Life series which includes 12 workshops taught be renowned personal growth experts who will help you overcome life’s challenges and live the fantastic life you deserve.

I hope you find ways to connect with the power of your creative capacity. The 3 Cs to Creativity is one process I know can help you make contact with the miracle of your creative core – your Spirit.

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