2020 has brought forth unprecedented change in the ways we work and live. The transition process — the emotional and psychological process we step through as we let go of the familiar, struggle with uncertainty about the future, and hesitantly embrace hints of the next normal — has been challenging for most.  Through forced isolation, we live and work in our own bubble, with sporadic contact with colleagues.

Today, I’m inviting you to reach out of your bubble and respectfully pierce the bubble that surrounds colleagues, especially those with whom you’ve had limited contact.  

Simply call to say hello, with no specific business agenda. Ask, “How are you,” and really listen to their response — compassionately welcome details about life in their bubble.

Brain science tells us that when we extend kindness to others, and they feel our care and concern, stress hormones decrease, oxytocin levels increase, fostering good feelings and enhancing a sense of resilience — for the recipient of the reach and for the one who does the reaching.