Finding it hard to get the boss to notice and acknowledge your accomplishments?

A recent Harvard Business Review article offers suggestions for earning the boss’ respect.

  • Clarify your responsibilities. Ask what you need to learn and how you can learn it quickly. Then, diligently, get up to speed.
  • Adapt your communication style. Find out how she’d like you to communicate with her and adjust your style to match hers.
  • Build trust by observing and empathizing. Understand his priorities and what matters to him.
  • Build relationships with others, across levels. Show that you fit well into the team. Your boss is observing you, and taking in feedback from others.
  • When conflict occurs between you and your manager, disagree politely and in private. Ask for feedback to find out where you stand.
  • Finally, reflect. Look beneath the surface of any information you receive that doesn’t feel so good. There may be something there to learn or something you can change about your behavior.

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