Perfectionism hinders the success and peace of mind of many people.

If you’re a perfectionist, here are several points to consider. They may enable you to free yourself from the controlling grip of this menace.

    • First, realize that perfection is an Illusion. It’s one of the LIES That Limit. As humans, we make mistakes. Perfection doesn’t exist. To strive for it is to reach for a phantom.
    • Make excellent your standard, not perfection. Excellent is truly good enough.
    • Acknowledge that getting things done in a timely fashion is very valuable. Perfectionism can lead to procrastination or a reluctance to finish a project and release it on time.
    • Take the risk of letting go of one thing a day before you normally would. Notice what happens. Chances are, your product will be excellent enough to support your success. Letting go of perfectionism will support your sanity. Let excellent be good enough.


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