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Do you understand the importance of relationships in the workplace? Are you able to get things done in a way that doesn’t ruffle feathers?  If your answer is “Yes,” very likely you’re seen as a mover and shaker.  If “No” is your response, your effectiveness and reputation are suffering.

If you work with people, in systems, you need political awareness and organizational savvy. Here are a few tips that can help you be more politically savvy and effective:

  • When introducing a new idea or project, identify all stakeholders – supporters and naysayers. Get to know their position. Anticipate how they might react.
  • Engage with stakeholders. Learn about their attractions to the project and their objections.
  • Identify influencers, even if they’re not the decision-makers. Their early buy-in can help you sell your good ideas.
  • Find a mentor who is savvy. Stay close. Listen, watch and learn.


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