Back in 2016, Gallup reported that an estimated thirty-one percent of Americans spent eighty percent or more work hours toiling away at home. I’m certain that number has grown.

If you use your favorite coffee shop for a change of scenery, or prefer it to the conditions of working at home, Wall Street Journal says there are important rules that will make you a good patron. 

  • Have basic empathy for employees and other patrons.  For example, clean up your space when you leave. Don’t ask baristas to watch your stuff while you hit the restroom and be considerate about use of outlets.  
  • At communal tables, exhibit situational awareness.  Take up only one space.  Don’t try to recreate your workspace at home.

Don’t be that person who uses their outside voice inside, gets on their speakerphone for conference calls, buys the minimum while taking up valuable space for hours, or asks for free refills.  Be well mannered.