Walk into just about any coffee shop and you’ll see people with their devices working remotely.  Just as there’s office etiquette, the Wall Street Journal says there’s also coffee shop etiquette – etiquette that will help ensure you’re always welcome at your favorite java joint.

  • Work only where and when you’re wanted.  Not all coffee houses want their seats filled during peak times.  If you don’t know their preference, ask.  If there are limits, honor them by packing up before the lunch or dinner crowd arrives.  
  • Buy first, sit second.  Don’t claim your seat until you secure your purchase.  Etiquette suggests that the people in line in front of you get first dibs on open seats.
  • Buy more than one small black coffee during your stay.  Out of respect for the owner, buy food or several beverages – which will still cost less than renting co-working space.  
  • Don’t create unfair distraction for fellow patrons by taking calls via your speaker, Skype, Zoom or FaceTime.