Leaders who are managing part or all of their teams remotely may be doing so for the first time.  Gallup suggests keeping these four things in mind as you chart these untested waters. 

  • Individualize your approach.  Doing this from a distance may require greater intentionality.  Find out what conditions each team member works best under, their workflow concerns and their feelings about this situation.  
  • Set clear expectations early.  Determine quality standards, deadlines, customer engagement guidelines and more.  Make sure they have the tools they need to do their jobs well. 
  • Communicate.  Working remotely might cause people accustomed to working in-house feel cut off from resources, information and relationships.  Schedule conference calls, preferably a videoconference, with time built in for social interaction.  
  • Finally, support managers who report to you.  Provide practical, emotional and maybe even external coaching support to help them through the sudden transition.