Pledges and Commitments That Create Accountability

Ever held a meeting where everyone seemed enthusiastic about the topic and next steps? But, soon after, it was back to business as usual? Here are two tips that may increase commitment and foster progress.

After introducing the meeting’s purpose, objectives and agenda, ask participants to respond to this statement or a similar one: “To support the success of this meeting, I will…”

At the end of the meeting, you could also open space for the team to stretch beyond their comfort zone. Invite them to make the following pledge. To do my part in making this happen, I will…” Or, “In service to learning something new, and seeing things from a different perspective, I will not make assumptions. I will question what I think I know.” In either case, set a date and time to follow up on progress made with their commitments. Help each person see that they have a role in advancing company objectives, as well as an obligation to be open-minded.