One of the core messages in my book, LIES That Limit, and when I speak, is to follow your sense of purpose and allow it to guide your life. But, you and I don’t have a single purpose.

In a TedTalk, Career Coach Emilie Wapnick introduces the concept of the “multipotentialite.” These are people with varied interests, multiple creative pursuits, who enjoy different roles over their lifetime. She says this is not a weakness. Some people are just wired this way. And there are benefits to being a “multipotentialite.”

By combining fields, they are more likely to create something original and unique. Since many skills are transferrable, they bring everything they’ve learned from one area to the next. “Multipotentialites” are also rapid learners. They dive in and learn as much as they can as quickly as they can. And, Wapnick says, they’re not afraid of being beginners.