A recent Harris Poll corroborates a pattern I’ve noticed as I interact with keynote attendees, workshop participants, coachees and those with whom I consult: roughly, only one-third of adults in the US are happy and satisfied.

While it’s challenging to account for the drivers of dissatisfaction and decreasing optimism, it is possible to shift your focus and alleviate distress. If you’re among the not-so-happy, consider this remedy:

  1. Set clear goals, map out a plan of action and implement it. Learn as you go and adjust tactics, as needed. Meaningful goals strengthen your sense of purpose. A sense of purpose and mission stimulate positive energize.
  2. As you work toward your goals, be patient. Achievement requires committed, steady, diligent work. Preserve with patience as you move toward your goal, step-by-step. Don’t distract yourself with images of reality TV stories of overnight successes and amazing breakthroughs. Success takes a plan and patience.

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