I have a number of coaching clients who have long commutes.  They bike, drive, take trains, subways, buses, or some combination thereof.  A good number of them use the time to boost their sense of happiness.

For example:

  • Some drive in silence and use the quiet time to meditate on the day ahead, give uninterrupted thought to specific goals, visualize solutions to complex challenges, or reflect on what transpired during the day.
  • Some use the time to talk with people they enjoy; those whose conversation they find uplifting, fun and positive.
  • Others play music – sometimes classical, sometimes R&B or country…whatever feels right.  Good music will lift your mood.
  •  Another client spends the commute acknowledging everything she’s grateful for in her life, and in the environment around her as she drives.

Infuse your life with more satisfaction, even while you commute.


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