A recent McKinsey & Company article delved into a report from Deloitte Global, where they interviewed two thousand C-Suite executives in nineteen countries, and found four types of leaders who are successful in this – the early part of Industrial Revolution 4.0.

  • The Super Socials. These leaders have cracked the code of doing well by doing good. They have an appetite for new technologies that disrupt markets, and they’re very willing to train their workforce.  
  • The Data-Driven Decisives.They are methodical, committed to their workers and to highly ethical use of the latest technology.  
  • The Disruption Drivers are leaders who invest in technology to achieve or exceed their business goals in order to upend their markets.  Their holistic decision-making is based on clear processes and includes diverse stakeholders.  
  • Finally, The Talent Champions are leaders who believe in aggressively and proactively preparing their workers for the future.