John, a coaching client, lives in a pressure-filled world. Recently, he said, “My days are so hectic. Sometimes, I feel like shouting, ‘Leave me alone. I can’t do another thing. I’m tired.’”

Today, many of us feel pulled and pressured. While we wish things would change, without active intervention, it’s highly unlikely.

For a lasting solution to the challenge of time management, we have be courageous enough to make conscious decisions about how we respond to the demands of work and home, and use our time. Here are a few tips you may find helpful:

  • Be clear about your priorities. Plan and act accordingly.
  • Say, “NO,” when you want to or need to.
  • Delegate tasks and meeting attendance.
  • Hire help where you can.
  • Block time on your calendar for reflection, planning, project work, and rest and relaxation.

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