As companies establish their date for returning to the office, debate rages on about whether people are more productive working from home or the company’s site.  

In a recent Korn Ferry survey, 85% of leaders say they want employees back on site, with some seeing remote workers as less engaged and motivated. On the flip side, there’s the view that time is wasted in the office with impromptu meetings, chit-chat, coffee breaks, and other distractions that take away from productive pursuits.  Still others say it’s precisely these kinds of casual interactions that build a sense of connection and community.  They see socializing as a means of building relationships across-functions and reinforcing company culture.  

In addition, being onsite with colleagues and managers facilitates a quality of learning, which can be especially helpful to those who are new to the company or young in their career or role.  

What’s your company’s position on the question of productivity and work location?