Diverse teams outperform homogenous teams.  According to Harvard Business Review, they’re more committed, have higher collective intelligence, and are better at making decisions and solving problems.  Diversity starts with inclusive hiring practices.  Here are two to consider.  

  • Insist on a truly diverse candidate pool.  Not just one person of color or one white woman.  Why?  HBR says research shows that the odds of hiring a woman are 79 times greater if there are at least two women in the finalist pool.  If two non-whites candidates make it to the final round, the likelihood of hiring one is 194 times higher.  
  • Establish objective criteria around “culture & fit.”  Diverse candidates may not share the hiring managers’ backgrounds and interests, particularly if they’re first generation professionals. Instead, create a rubric to rate all candidates consistently on desired job-related qualities – like teamwork, customer focus or self-discipline.