Didn’t get that promotion or great job for which you had applied?  New York Times Smarter Living Editor Tim Herrera says it’s okay to feel bad about it, but don’t get stuck there. Here are some ways he says you can reframe and grow.

Stop obsessing about “what if” by writing down three things that recently went well for you.  Then ask yourself what caused those things to happen? This will help refocus your energy in a positive direction while reflecting on what got you where you are today. Herrera says reframing your situation this way allows you to recognize that life is full of twists and turns.  

Accept that reality can be hard, and we only understand ourselves better and develop if we use failure to redirect our energy in ways that serve us.  A “no” might be the universe telling you this wasn’t the right next step for you. Take it in, learn from it, and keep moving forward.