One of my coaching clients complained about the quality of participation in his staff meetings. “What’s the meeting’s purpose,” I asked. “To update everyone on changes and other items that affect all the groups, and to problem solve,” he replied.

“What’s the role of team members in the meeting,” I asked. He lifted his head, laughed and said, “I know what you’re going to say. I’m pulling all the energy of the system up to me. I could generate more energy and interest by involving others.” “Exactly,” I replied. “How?”

He had two ideas. “I’ll ask each person to lead discussion of the items for their area. And, I’ll add a new segment to the agenda.” He called it “Good News!” “Good News!” encouraged everyone to think about and share positive, upbeat stories about where and how things are working well. The strategy shifted the energy and enlivened the team and the staff meeting.


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