Front line employees are often required to ask customers for information without understanding why.  If they don’t know the rationale behind the questions, they are left to their own devices when responding to pushback.  

In her Ted Talk, Tamekia Mizladi Smith, suggests that companies design frontline employee training around the acronym GRACE. That’s G-R-A-C-E.  

Here’s what it stands for. 

  • G – Getting the front desk specialists involved and letting them know the
  • R – relevance of their role as they become 
  • A – accountable for the accuracy of data while implementing 
  • C – compassionate care within all encounters by becoming 
  • E – equipped with the education needed to explain why data collection is important.  Use GRACE to give employees tools to better manage questions and improve the quality of the data they’re collecting. 
Watch the Tamekia Mizladi Smith Ted Talk