Dear Teressa TuesdayQ: Dear Teressa,

I have a burning desire and drive for making my Motivational Speaking business a huge success. It is important to mention that I discovered my purpose (Motivational Speaking) in 2010 but I started speaking at school during my spare time in 2007.  I am a full time employee at a public institution working as a Finance Manager and I try hard to do something for my Motivational Speaking career to take off, but I am yet to get a break. Seeing that I am yet to get a break through, does that mean I have not yet done enough to ensure that I live my purpose?  Remember that it is unrealistic and scary for one to leave employment for something that has not taken off particularly that BILLS need to be paid. 

Please advise, 
Morris Msomi

A:  Dear Morris,

Like you and me, many people are on a quest to know their purpose and live it.  I admire your efforts and respect your clarity.

As I describe in LIES™ That Limit:  Uncover the Truth of Who You Really Are, our challenge is to remember our purpose and release the LIES™ – Labels, Illusions, Excuses and Stories – that sabotage our ability to be true to our Spirit and Purpose.

Through the lens of LIES™ That Limit, you may be trapped by a narrow definition of ways you can express of your purpose, allowing identification with the label “Motivational Speaker” to fuel impatience and frustration.  Certainly, motivational speaking can be a formal title and role, and it can also be descriptive of who you are, how you operate and the special qualities and energy you contribute to everything you do.  If you uplift others, stir hope, stimulate ideas about new possibilities and inspire action, you’re a motivator.  You don’t have to quit your job and don a title.

By all means, continue to take steps in the direction of your calling.  Peel away the LIES™ that may blind you to the ways you are already functioning as a motivator and speaker.  Enjoy that level of success, now – audiences of hundreds or thousands not required.

Here are a few additional strategies to consider as you continue your journey:

  • Every day, look for opportunities to motivate the people around you, whether in the workplace or in your personal life.
  • If you manage people, lead cross-functional teams or participate in problem-solving discussions, deliver your input in ways that spark creativity and encourages excellence.  Doing so can help you sharpen your ability to provide motivational messages that shift perspectives and improve performance.
  • Volunteer to speak at schools, professional associations, mentoring groups, sororities and fraternities, faith-based organizations, charities, etc.
  • Study those who are successful at what you want to achieve.  How do they craft their message?  How do they present themselves to their audience?  How do they promote themselves in ways that lead to future opportunities?  What draws people to them and their message?

Take every available opportunity to build your reputation as a motivator and speaker.  Then, notice moments when what you do and say helps others feel a little better about their situation or inspires them to take constructive action towards their goals.

Share your passion and enthusiasm wherever you find yourself.

Again, thanks for writing and helping launch “Dear Teressa Tuesday.”

In truth,

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