Here are a few practices that can boost your happiness quotient, at work, in relationships, anywhere you find yourself.

  • Focus on what’s working well. Choose to give your attention to what’s good and satisfying.
  • Be aware of yourself and others, but not critical. Notice behavior without judgment, blame or condemnation.
  • In every situation, no matter the circumstances, see all sides. Have an accurate, balanced and wholistic view of people and events.
  • When things happen that you don’t like, ask yourself, “What can I learn from this?” Or. “What’s the potential good in this?”
  • Engage with others. Sharing our perspectives, and stories about our experiences, helps us feel connected to humanity and life.
  • Laugh every day. I turn on black-ish, The Big Bang Theory or Modern Family, chuckle…and feel good. Laughter lifts my mood.

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