How to Turn Conflict Into Something Positive

Conflict at work is something most people rather avoid. But some experts believe conflict is actually healthy. According to HR Magazine’s Dori Meinert, conflict can actually spark innovation and creativity.

She cites the work of former psychologist and author Nate Regier, who says conflict is the energy created by the gap between what we want and what we’re experiencing. Rather than struggling against each other, we can put the following practices to use.

  • Be more open. Understand the motives, emotions and responses of others who are engaged in conflict. Listen and validate their feelings.
  • Be more resourceful. Before sharing your ideas, ask for their thoughts. If you disagree, do so while still respecting their intentions.
  • Be persistent. Be clear about expectations and see things through with integrity. Hold yourself and others accountable, while acknowledging your own mistakes and continually working to make things right.