As I discuss in my book, LIES That Limit, personal beliefs – what we think and say is possible and probable – shape and define our daily lives.

If you want to limit your sense of optimism, hope, inner peace, drain your energy and zest for life, focus on your problems, see what’s wrong, talk about what’s lacking, succumb to complaining. If you want to break through barriers, expand your options, and move forward with enthusiasm, confidence, even joy, you’ll need to shift your focus.

Intentionally put your energy into looking for what’s working well, thinking about all the evidence of success that surrounds you, shift your conversation to discussion of the best you can imagine. When you give your attention to what you appreciate and value, you place yourself on the fast track to creating more of what’s good, right, desirable.

Complain less. Appreciate more. Focus on your positive possibilities.

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