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Do you ever consider how naturally the seasons change, from spring to summer to fall to winter to spring…the cycle effortlessly repeating itself, year after year?  Think about it, day transitions into night and then day, again.  This time of year, flowers push through the soil, bud and bloom for a while.  Later, they lose their blossom, lie dormant for a time and burst forth again next year.

All around us, nature patiently teaches us that change is normal, natural, predictable and necessary.  It’s the only way to have a fresh start, grow, develop and mature.

The next time you’re faced with change – whether self-initiated or forced upon you by circumstances – try going with it instead of screaming “NO,” digging your heels in and holding on in futility.   Reduce the stress inherent in change by reducing resistance to the inevitable.  Change is natural, just look around.

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