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This year, I’m happily welcoming spring.  Maybe it’s because of the long, hard, cold, stormy winter we survived. I’m so thankful it’s getting warmer.  There’s more light in the sky for a longer period each day. Trees are budding brand new leaves.  Flowers are blooming.  Birds are singing.  Golfers are returning to the links.  School kids are on field trips.  Life feels good…fresh and vibrant.  Spring is an exciting time of renewal.

What are you excited about this spring?  If your reply is, “Nothing,” think again.  This season is a perfectly good reason to freshen up, fluff up, and give birth to something new…something stimulating.

Look around.  What in your life – at work or at home – could stand improvement, replacement, updating, clearing out, sprucing up?  Whatever it is, get to it.  Get it done and feel GREAT as you witness the finished product.  Spring is a time of excitement and renewal.  Enjoy!

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