In a recent TED Talk, Melinda Epler suggests that we can all become allies and supporters of co-workers who are the victims of microaggression. Epler, who helps tech companies address diversity and inclusion issues, advocates for allyship at work for people who are being marginalized through microaggression.

  • She says that when someone interrupts another, ask the interrupter to allow the person to finish what they were saying.
  • If you witness someone being belittled, say something to call attention to the inappropriate behavior.
  • Say “NO” to participating on panels that aren’t inclusive.
  • Mentor or sponsor someone others see as different.
  • Refer someone for a job.
  • Support an ally as she seeks new opportunities.

Epler encourages companies to normalize allyship. She believes that anyone with any semblance of position or power can start and help sustain a culture of inclusivity that leads to profit and growth.