At one point or another, you’ve probably heard the phrase, “Be here now.”  More and more, it’s becoming a popular expression in business circles.

While sharing his 2015 goals with me, a coaching client mentioned that “Be here now,” was one of his 2015 commitments.  He explained that he had already begun doing a few things to support his ability to be present and give full attention to whomever, and with whatever, he was engaged. For example, he no longer carried his phone to onsite meetings, and therefore was not tempted to distract himself, and others, with each buzz, ring or ding.  He also turned off email notification sounds on his computer, eliminating an unnecessary auditory intrusion.

He said, “Surprisingly, I’m accomplishing more because I’m less distracted.  And, I actually feel more engaged because my attention isn’t divided.”

How might “Be here now,”…more present and engaged, enhance your effectiveness?

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