As a keynote speaker, workshop leader and executive coach, I meet people whose technical expertise is top notch. They have few rivals when it comes to their depth of industry knowledge and insight into future trends.  Early on, their career progresses nicely…promotions and accolades, bonuses and rewards.  After a time, they find themselves facing a lack of opportunity.  Frustration mounts.

From physicians to engineers to IT pros – honest information about what’s needed to advance is often a critical missing element.  As their coach, I help them strategize about how best to seek and receive candid feedback, targeted to their specific interests and areas of concern.  In most cases, they discover that what’s needed to turn their situation around is totally doable, with disciplined and concerted effort.

If you’re feeling blocked or sidetracked, seek out expert advice on how to get the quality of information you need to move forward.  Call me.  I’d be glad to help.

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